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Go Ahead Quitters, Be Champions and Roar!

I think this song perfectly sums up the relationship between the quitter and the cigarette. Pah! No contest! Go ahead and ROAR!


You Don’t Have To Quit Living To Quit Smoking

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In my book, I place great emphasis not merely on changing habits, but also on the fact that life will carry on in exactly the same way as it did before you stop smoking, with one vital difference – the cigarette just won’t be there anymore.

We often fear that we will have to completely re-invent our lives if we quit – I passionately believe that is not the case. I believe that it is this acute fear of a kind of mythical re-invention, that stops us from quitting in the first place. For example, I love a drink (my tipple is Scotch), but dared not quit for thirty years because I feared not being able to walk into a bar, crack open a beer, or enjoy my usual dram or two. Fact is, you can and will enjoy ALL the things you did before quitting. It’s just a shift of perception and habit to take the cigarette completely out of the mix. The drink is still there. The hangover too. But these days, seven years on, I still enjoy my dram, and a few cold ones too, in EXACTLY the same way as I did before I quit. The moral of my ramblings?

You don’t have to quit living, to quit smoking…………….

Breathe Again

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Fabulous information, before and after.

Click the link and learn how we breathe pre and post smoking.

How To Stop Smoking without Really Trying….

Desperate to quit smoking? In the last chance quit saloon? Scared and afraid you just can’t do it? Don’t be scared anymore. Based on the principles in the best selling “The Art Of War’ by Sun Tzu, and getting five star reviews on Amazon UK, including; “a better read than Alan Carr’, and; “all the help you need – the author has it nailed”, read this book, walk away from willpower, then quit forever. Peace!

Doubting your Decision? Think Of The Money!

“It’s not about the money, money, money” sings one of my faves, at the moment, Jessie J. But apart from all the health benefits, the drop in stress levels, and the calmness (yes, the notion that a cigarette calms you down or chills you out is yet another lie from the Nicotine Brigade – as ever, the exact opposite is true), it really can be about the money.

When I stopped, in 2006, a pack of 20 cigarettes cost around here £5.00 in the UK. Now in 2014, that same pack would cost around £8.00 for 20. I would smoke two packs a day.

Let’s split the difference on price. Let’s say that my pack of 20 would have cost me £6.50 a day on average over that time period. (Hey, I’m a writer, not a maths geek)!

So, that’s £13 a day. Every day. Without fail.

365 days in a year, so, with the aid of my trusty steam powered calculator, puff, puff, 365 x £13  = £4745

Almost five grand in ONE year!!

Crikey, I could get a couple of decent cruises in the Caribbean for that, and still have plenty left over to drown in pina colada. (Yum. Nice thought).

Anyhoo, I quit smoking in November, 2006. Let’s give the month of December away (I’m feeling generous today) and work from January 2007, to right about now. Seven years. (Hey, I’ve quit for seven years Wooohooo)!!

That’s 7 x £4745, which is, hang on, puff, puff, puff, gasp:


£33, 215

(If you are reading this over the pond, that’s close to $54,000 bucks, friend.

If you are doubting your decision to quit right now, consider that amount of lovely cash, and what you could do with it right now.
Also consider what that amount could have been if you had invested that money on the stock market at an average annual return of 9%. (My calculator’s acting weird now, you do that math)!


Quitting smoking?

It is about the money money money………….

The Day 8 Myth

Today is day 8 for those who resolved to #QuitSmoking on New Year’s Day. It is being said on the Twitter Sphere and the old Fleecebook that today is the toughest day to stick to that resolution.

Balderdash, nonsense, and piffle!

If you have not had a cigarette for the past eight days, here’s the good news.


Any suggestions otherwise are the last dying bursts of psychological shrapnel from the Nicotine Brigade, as they finally leave your system forever. The only way they will win is if you re-inforce their troops by lighting another cigarette. But why would you? They are crawling on the floor, on their way out, finished, done, beaten. And guess who did that?

You. You wonderful, amazing, terrific quitter you!!

Breathe in for three seconds. Hold for three, and think of how you are going to spend that money. Breathe out for three, and relax.

Day 8? Who’s counting?

Cravings? Just Breathe….

I don’t believe in cravings.

Yup. You read that right. I simply don’t.

What kind of a smoker would say that, I hear you cry?

The kind who has seen through the lies and deceits perpetrated on his poor brain by that most devious of opponents.

The Nicotine Brigade.

It took me thirty years to work it out. To slip free of their bonds just long enough to realize, with joyous clarity, that the whole process of smoking was a con trick.

From the very start. Beginning with the very first cigarette

THAT was when the seeds of doubt were planted in my unsuspecting mind. The idea that I couldn’t live without nicotine.

And the illusion of cravings if I didn’t light up.

I say illusion, because that is precisely what it is. And, as every stage magician knows, the secret to the trick is DIVERSION.

When you quit smoking – even for a few hours – you begin to deprive the Nicotine Brigade of their greatest asset.

Replacement troops.

And the physical feeling you experience – a kind of mild discomfort, a feeling of want, nothing more – is really THEIR discomfort as their influence over you begins to wane. So, they try to divert your consciousness away from their plight. They send existing, fast declining molecules around your body in a last gasp effort, (quite literally), to distract your resolve long enough to light up, inhale, and replenish their strength, and their hold over you.

The trick is to recognize this distraction for exactly what it is. We may call it a craving – our brain may, momentarily, be fooled into believing it actually IS a craving, but it isn’t.

It’s a sign that they are losing. A sign that they are dying.

It’s a good thing!

Embrace the feeling! Like any illusion, it only lasts for seconds. As it happens, use the rule of three.

Breathe in slowly for three seconds. Hold your breath for three seconds. Then exhale for three seconds, while at the same time imagining – no – feeling them being ejected, unceremoniously, from your body and soul.


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