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I’ve led an unconventional life. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, (I still do), but when I stop, I’m now settled high on a hill in Scotland. I love writing, travelling, and being on stage, usually singing for my supper.

I was a never say die smoker (until many of my friends and relatives actually did, usually from something horrible). I started when I was thirteen, like my mother, father, and grandparents before me.  Almost all my peers smoked. For me, smoking was ingrained in my culture, and almost in my DNA.

No-one who knew me – no-one – thought I would ever stop. For thirty years of my presence on this planet, there are few photographs of yours truly that don’t feature me clutching a cigarette like a drowning man clutches a raft.  I saw myself as a man made of smoke, bound to fall apart without my crutch and my talisman.

I’d tried to quit before. After the birth of my first child, I tried really hard, but failed. Again. My longest quit was around six months. But I always lit up. always went back for more.

And then I discovered the secret art of stopping smoking. Quickly, quite painlessly, and, despite everything I’d ever been told, I stopped really easily. With absolutely NO willpower, little effort, and no drama.

I couldn’t believe it. Me, the ultimate addict, stopped smoking! Permanently!

But, more importantly, I never wanted another cigarette. I never felt the need for another drag. I like a drink too, and could not imagine ever having a beer without a smoke, but I broke that link as well. Now I enjoy a drink as much as the next person – there’s just no cigarette there!

Within a year, my partner, my mother, and friend stopped smoking using the same method, even though we had a combined smoking history of over two hundred years.

Which prompted me to write my e-book: “Smoking – The Secret Art of Stopping” . It took a year to write, and all of it is written from experience. It’s not a generic self help book, written by some-one who hasn’t ‘been there’. I believe strongly in it, because I know how desperately sad it is to believe that you will never quit. I’ve priced it very reasonably, because I want it to sell as much as it can. It may make a few bucks along the way, but more important, I know it will free a lot of folk from the Nicotine Brigade. It comes in several formats for the Kindle, the Kobo, and many other e-readers. It’s unique selling point? Well, what I want to do is take everything you think you know about smoking – all the urban myths, folklore, and bad advice – and stand it on it’s head!

We can all quit, we really can – but it is the manner of that quitting that will ensure whether you remain a quitter forever, and never look back!

On this site, I also hope to offer other resources apart from mine. I’ve personally used all of them, so I know from experience they will help you.

Have fun here. Relax a while. Take the time to focus yourself, and trust me.

You will succeed, and stop smoking. For good.

Stephen Ross,

January, 2013



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