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Are you desperate to stop smoking once and for all? Do you think you will never stop? Are you in the last chance saloon of quitting?  Then this is the place for you. Let’s help you quit permanently, in exactly the same way we did, after thirty years of chain smoking. With minimum drama, little effort, and absolutely NO willpower!

Welcome to the secret art of stopping smoking, without really trying.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. And it’s not just the glowing end of a cigarette. Even while you are still smoking, you can begin stopping for good. The tricks and techniques you will discover here will easily enable success – because your triumph over the Nicotine Brigade started the second you clicked on this page…….

I know the utter desperation of truly believing you can never stop. I believed that too. I smoked for over thirty years, tried to stop three or four times, and failed every time. Then, seven years ago, I succeeded, and simply stopped. It wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t terrifying, and I didn’t fall apart. Even better, I realized with astonishing clarity that believing that I couldn’t stop was precisely WHY I couldn’t stop.

And that’s the first secret. It’s the biggest step on your preparation for the art of stopping smoking. And it truly is an artUntil the 17th century, art referred to any skill or mastery, and that is exactly what you are going to do. You are quickly, and easily, going to master the art of stopping.

Whatever you do here, relax and have fun. Start to feel free, and begin to truly believe that it is really easy to quit.

Know what? That’s the biggest secret of all….

Buy my Kindle e-book in the USA by clicking on the cover below,  or for UK Kindle and all other e-readers, by clicking here:

Five star reviews on Amazon from previous buyers:

“Great book! If you want to stop your nicotine habit -this is the best and only help you need. The author has it nailed”! Phil

“Well written & I did not feel it was a lecture unlike the Alan Carr books. I have not stopped yet as it is the first time I have read it & need to prepare as suggested in the book. I am definitely going to give it a go”! Wendy P.

secret art cover bigger pdf cover

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  1. Ayup up Steve, ah stopped smokin i’ August 2006. It wor sa soa easy for uz. T’ reason why is jannock simple. ah went ta see eur Mr. a’ t’ bupeur place i’ Rochdale for reasons way way tooa long ta describe. Afta eur sharp once o’a ‘e just sez ta uz ‘a’ if ah dint gi’o’a smokin theear ‘n then i’d be dead i’ unda eur year. Ah nivva woontad ta gi’o’a, t’ thowt nivva entered uz noggin as ah enjoyed owt ‘n everythig ta doa wi’ smokin. Takin t’ cellophane wrappa off t’ packet ‘n then t’ silva papa fra within t’ pack it wor eur twice or thrice daily ritual. Sa ‘a’ wor it. I’d just bowt thousands o’ tabs ‘n browt ‘em back fra speeam. Ah ‘ed eur ‘uge collection o’ cigars which ah purchased by t’ suitcaseload apiece ‘n everee tahhm ah went teur t’ states….good ones ‘n um not sa gran’. gev everythin away, Dint sell owt, just gev t’ stuff away. Bur, dis year ah getten t’ desire agin ‘n ‘ed eur month back ont’ tabs. Felt girt bur alsoa guilty. Sa i’ve bin ont’ e-cigs sin June. Gerr eur clowt o’ nicotine ‘n nowt much else. A’ nearly seventy years o’ age ah’m thinkin ta missen, life goes on. tek it easy.


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